Schedules / Cancellations

East Grand Rapids High School and Wealthy Pool

Public Swim Schedule:

High School Pool:

HS Pool Schedule Fall 2017
HS Pool Schedule Changes due to swim meets/polo matches and events
*New cancellation - Saturday, 10/14/17 - All Day, Pool Event
Wealthy Pool:

*No Saturday 2:30-4:30PM Open Swim 9/30/17, 10/7/17, 10/14/17, 10/21/17 or 10/28/17.

Wealthy Pool Schedule Fall 2017
Saturday 2:30-4:30PM Open Swim has been cancelled now through October 2017.
*OYO (On your own exercise) times are for ADULTS only.
Senior Swim at Wealthy Pool is shared with OYO and lap swimming is allowed during that time only.


Pool Closures/Changes:

High School Pool:

Wealthy Pool:

  No Saturday 2:30-4:30PM Open Swim, 9/30/17, 10/7/17, 10/14/17. 10/21/17 and 10/28/17


Inclement Weather Policy: 
If the EGR Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, both pools will be closed.  They will be closed in the event of a tornado watch or warning, or a power outage lasting longer than 30 minutes.

Pool Closures:
Unexpected pool closures may occur due to pool contamination and/or mechanical failure.