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City of East Grand Rapids
750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Ph: 616-949-2110
Fx: 616-940-4884
Side-Yard Air Conditioner Unit
Side-Yard Air Conditioner Permits
Side-yard placement of air conditioner units, fans, generators, and other mechanical units is restricted by the zoning ordinance. The preferred location for these units and other similar mechanical appurtenances to buildings such as fans or emergency generators is in the rear yard. Front yard placement is prohibited.

When side yard placement is requested, the unit must have no less than a three-foot setback from the property line, and appropriate screening is required. The endorsement of the adjacent neighbor is requested. A fee and an application form with a plan sketch are required, subject to the zoning administrator’s approval.

Tom Faasse
Zoning Administrator

750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Ph: 616-940-4817
Fx: 616-831-6121

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.