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City of East Grand Rapids
750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Ph: 616-949-2110
Fx: 616-940-4884
Street & Sidewalk Construction Update

Below you will find an overview on the construction projects that will take place in East Grand Rapids over the next year. 

Street Construction: Grind and Resurface/Reconstruction

Limits:   PASER Rating: (10 Excellent/1 Poor)
Timeline: July-October (2016)   
Rosewood-Sherman to Robinson
Conlon-Berwyk to Oakwood   2/3
Lake-Conlon to Bagley    3
Manhattan-Reeds Lake Blvd to Cascade    
Gilmour-Kenesaw to Breton

Street Preventative Maintenance: Cape Seal

Timeline: July-October (2016)
Robinson-Woodmere to Briarwood
Oxford-End to Englewood

*See preventative maintenance maps for spray patching and crack sealing streets*

Water Main Replacement-Excavation and Replacement

Timeline: July-October (2016)
Rosewood-Lake to Wealthy
Conlon-Albert to Oakwood
Lake-Conlon to Breton/Lakeside

Sanitary and Storm Sewer-Lining (Cured in Place Pipe)

Timeline: September-April (2016-2017)
Various-determined by asset management condition assessment PACP rating and budget. Residents will be notified in advance of sewer lining projects.

Sidewalks: Cutting/Grinding and Replacement Sections

Cutting/Grinding: East of Breton to Woodlawn and Oakwood south until budget allocation is completed (addressing areas last inspected in 2002). Timeline: August-October (2016)
Sidewalk Section replacements-covering sections that could not be ground/cut in areas noted above. Timeline: May-June (2017)

*View the sidewalk replacement map here*

2016 - 17 Construction Map

Street and sidewalk construction projects are made possible through the Street and Sidewalk Millage. 

On May 5, 2015, East Grand Rapids voters approved a 10-year, 2.0-mill Streets and Sidewalks Millage request.  

This page will be updated over the course of the dedicated millage with information on upcoming projects.

Street & Sidewalk Millage and Maintenance Dashboard

Paser chart for website.jpg
Blue line shows road condition projection if no additional funding was received.  Green line projects road conditions through the 10-year period of the Street & Sidewalk Millage using the additional 2.0 mills approved by East Grand Rapids voters.

Information Links:

Questions regarding the East Grand Rapids Streets & Sidewalk millage can be directed to 616-949-2110 or to City Clerk 
Karen Brower by email or to 750 Lakeside Drive SE, EGR MI 49506.