Board of Review


Meetings are scheduled as necessary in March, July, and December.


Members serve a two-year renewable terms. If you are interested in serving on an advisory board, fill out a commission application form and return it to the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Ann Nowak    (appointed 6/2014; ends 6/2021)
  • Andrea Borden   (appointed 6/2014; ends 6/2020)
  • Paul Howland     (appointed 2/1999; ends 6/2020)
  • Diana Schad    (appointed 12/2017; ends 6/2021)
  • Brad Hecksel, City Commission Representative    (appointed 2/2020; ends 12/2021)
  • Bryan Walters, City Commission Representative   (appointed 12/2019; ends 12/2021)

About the Board
The Board of Review makes decisions on taxpayer appeals regarding valuations made by the city assessor. All taxpayers wishing to appeal have an opportunity to be heard. The board also corrects clerical errors and considers principal residence exemption appeals.