City Code & Ordinances

About the Code

Although the East Grand Rapids website is updated frequently, the online version of the City Code has not been updated since 2005. The most current information is available at City Hall.  Information contained in the city code section is intended for reference only and should be verified by calling City Hall at 616-949-2110.

Listed below are several recent or frequently requested sections that should be used in place of the versions available in the link at the bottom of this page.

Chapter 21, Section 2.14 - Temporary Rubbish Containers (effective 8/17/2007)
Chapter 21, Section 2.15 - Dumpsters and Enclosures (effective 6/10/2010)
Chapter 32, Section 3.40 - Trees and Clear Vision Areas (effective 12/12/2008)
Chapter 50, Section 5.75B - Temporary Storage Units (effective 6/1/2007)
Chapter 50 - Zoning Regulations (effective 11/29/2013)
Chapter 50 - Sections 5.12, 5.28, 5.62, 5.63 - Through Lots
Chapter 50 - Sections 5.28, 5.70, 5.114 - Lot Dimensions, Size & Coverage
Chapter 54 - Subdivision Control (lot splits)
Chapter 81 - Signage Regulations (effective 5/26/2017)
Chapter 83 - Fences (effective 10/26/2018)
Chapter 83 - Fence (effective 11/1/2019)
Chapter 32, Section 3.38 - Clear Vision Areas (effective 11/1/2019)
Chapter 92 - Animal Control
Chapter 93 - Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 50, Section 5.18 - Definition of "Yard, Front" (Effective 3/15/2019)
Chapter 50, Section 5.61 - Allowed encroachment into front yard setback for covered front porches (Effective 3/15/2019)
Chapter 50, Sections 5.7, 5.10, 5.14, 5.36, 5.65, 5.72, and 5.74 - C-1 Schedule of Uses Amendments (Effective 9/14/19)

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