About the Department

The Assessing Department is responsible for the assessment (valuation) of properties in the city. The assessment ultimately determines the amount of property taxes for each property. This is accomplished by:
  • Inventorying and listing all properties within the city
  • Equitably evaluate all properties at 50% of the “usual selling price”
  • Calculate the taxable value

Record Cards

Every property within the city has a record card. Each owner is responsible for the review of this card for accuracy. The information on the record card is used to develop the assessment and taxable value. Record cards are available on our property information system.

The record card contains:
  • Assessment / taxable value history
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Building permits
  • Building sketch
  • Finished basement area
  • Legal description
  • Owner / taxpayer name and address
  • Picture of home
  • Porches / desks
  • Sales
  • Square footage of home