The City of East Grand Rapids requires lawn and landscaping contractors, trash haulers and snowplow companies to be licensed by the city prior to performing work.  Click one of the following links to view the list of businesses who have current licenses to work in the City.


Each applicant for a business license must file a completed application (available for download below) and pay the applicable fees.  The application must also include a certificate of insurance for each motor vehicle that will be operated within the city naming the applicant as the insured, the city as additional insured, and must include at least a 10-day notice of cancellation clause. The certificates must also state that they cover commercial operations and must extend through the full license period or be immediately renewed to avoid any lapse in coverage during the license period.

Licensed operators doing business in the City will be included in the resource directory for city residents’ convenience when selecting a contractor.

Type of License Dates Valid Initial Fee Fee Per Vehicle
Lawn / Landscaping March 1 - February 28 $100 $25
Rubbish / Trash Removal July 1 - June 30 $100 $50
Snowplowing August 1 - May 1 $100 $25

Lawn Care Vendor Application & Regulations

Rubbish / Trash Removal Vendor Application & Regulations

Snowplow Vendor Application & Regulations