Park Athletic Facility Rental

Athletic Field Use

When various athletic fields are available we will consider renting to other groups or organizations. We reserve the right to not rent facilities due to our own sport leagues. Typically, during our sport league seasons we will not rent our natural turf fields. Our goal is to keep the fields in good condition for our sport leagues and limit the use by outside groups or organizations. Rentals should be made at least one week in advance. All fees must be paid in full at the time of reservation.

Limited-Use facilities

Because of the need to maintain certain athletic fields in the best possible condition for game play, it is necessary to limit the use of said fields so that they have adequate time to recover between games and seasons. The following facilities are to be used only for scheduled events by the East Grand Rapids athletic department and the parks and recreation department unless a permit has been obtained from the parks and recreation department prior to use: 
  • Remington field
  • Manhattan official size soccer field
  • Manhattan softball field number three

Mehney Field and Memorial Field are designed and built as “all-weather” playing surfaces. These fields are primarily and preferentially used for events scheduled by the East Grand Rapids public schools and the parks and recreation department. When fields are available, they may be used by other persons or groups who obtain a permit and pay all required rental fees. All groups, companies, leagues, and other organizations must pay rental fees and acquire appropriate permits. Individuals are allotted use of fields during field hours, when fields are unscheduled.

John Collins Park

Due to the small size of John Collins Park, the City does not rent or allow the use of the park by organizations to hold or host classes; yoga, boot camps, cross fit, core training, etc...

The City does host various events in the park such as the Reeds Lake Run, Triathlon, Movies & Concerts, Adaptive Ski Lessons, KDL Parties in the Park etc... these programs are affiliated with the City and have approval to use the park.

Park Use - Commercial and Non-Commercial Group Activity Rental FORM