Middle School Sports

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Interscholastic Sports Information

  • The West Michigan Middle School Conference follows the Michigan High School Athletic Association rules. (MHSAA).
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Participants must be enrolled as an EGR Middle School student, and are required to carry a 2.0 GPA per semester.
  • This Sports Health Questionnaire may only be used for students who received a valid sports physical during the 2019-20 school year (one completed on or after April 15, 2019). Health Questionnaire

  • Registrations take place online or the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Apparel Guide (Be legal on the court and field)
    Headbands,Wristbands,Detached Sleeves, Protective Equipment,Jewelry

Team Evaluations 

The interscholastic middle school sports “No cut policy” is applied for the West Michigan Middle School Conference. Our league requires each school to evaluate and form teams according to player ability. Evaluation sports include:
  • Girls basketball
  • Boys basketball
  • Girls volleyball