Parks, Trails & Reeds Lake

The City of East Grand Rapids provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities for residents within its City Parks. The City has a total of 10 parks and natural areas and five public school sites that feature recreational facilities and comprise 179 acres of public-use land. This includes approximately 72 acres of currently undeveloped land for future recreational space.

Reeds Lake Trail

Reeds Lake Trail

This 4.2 mile trail around Reeds Lake is popular for walkers, runners and cyclists. The route utilizes an off-road bike/walking trail that includes sidewalks, paved pathways and boardwalks. Signs with maps are posted at key locations along the Reeds Lake Trail, which features natural wooded areas, wetlands, and residential areas. The trail links many of the City's park and school facilities.

Collins Park

John Collins Park

Situated on Lakeside Drive between the Grand Rapids Yacht Club and Rose's Restaurant, this lakefront park is within easy walking distance of Gaslight Village. It is named for John A. Collins, East Grand Rapids mayor from 1933 to 1956. The park was renovated in 2002 and features the only public access boat launch to Reeds Lake, as well as a lake shore walk, overlook decks, benches, rain gardens, picnic tables, event space/plaza and public restrooms. Nearly three acres, John Collins Park is home to many events, including concerts and movies.

Q: Is there a public boat launch? 
A: Yes, there is a public boat launch located in John Collins Park at 650 Lakeside Drive in East Grand Rapids. Vehicle and trailer parking is limited to street parking. 

Q: What are the public boat launch hours? 
A: Boats launch daily, between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The boat launch may be closed during special events taking place in John Collins Park.

The boat launch will be temporarily closed for launching and retrieving at various times on 4th of July and for other special events throughout the year.  For detailed information on closures, please check the City of East Grand Rapids social media pages or call us at 616-949-1750.

Q: Is there a canoe or kayak launch available? 
A: Yes, located behind the Community Center (750 Lakeside Drive) on the south end of the building. No trailer or boat launching is allowed. Canoes or kayaks must be carried from the parking lot to the launch. No cars allowed down the side drive leading to the launch. This drive is the entry and exit for Public Safety vehicles only.

Manhattan Park Photo

Manhattan Park

This is our largest City park (46 acres) with two access points and parking areas off Cascade Road and Manhattan Road. The park provides a range of recreational opportunities and is home to many activities hosted by the Parks & Recreation Department. Facilities include: a picnic shelter with grills and tables, playground, sand volleyball courts (4), softball diamonds (4), soccer field (1), tennis courts (2) and rustic nature trails. Sledding during the winter on a smaller and larger hill. Natural area with rustic trails.
Floating Boardwalk

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park, located on the west shores of Reeds Lake, includes six acres of recently developed lakefront and 11 acres of undeveloped woodland and wetland. The park provides universally accessible trails with boardwalks. The popular Reeds Lake Trail runs through the property. The park features a 425-foot floating boardwalk system, giving a unique perspective on the lake shore environment.
Hodenpyl Woods Photo

Hodenpyl Woods

The property consists of wooded wetlands east and west of Reeds Lake Boulevard and is bounded by Remington Park to the south. The park features a 0.9-mile rustic plant identification trail, with several boardwalk crossings and a floating bridge. The trails are also popular with birding groups.
Dog Park photo

Remington Park & Dog Park

This recreation area is home of the Rusty Swaney Remington Park baseball field along with a restroom facility used by baseball fans and trail users. There is also an undeveloped natural area bordering Hodenpyl Woods, which accounts for more than half of the park’s acreage. In 2023 a Community Dog park was constructed which includes a large dog off-leash area, a small dog off-leash area, drinking fountains and dog waste bag dispensers. 

Griffiths Park

Griffiths Park

A small area of natural mature woodland off Reeds Lake Boulevard. It is currently undeveloped for recreational use with the exception of a paved pathway and benches to rest and enjoy nature. The path connects to the Reeds Lake Trail. The tree canopy consists largely Cottonwood, with some Maple and Elm understory.

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