Public Safety

About the Department

The East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety was established in 1985 by combining the city’s police and fire departments into one organizational entity. All sworn personnel in the East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety are cross-trained as law enforcement officers, firefighters, and medical first responders.

Currently, there are around one hundred totally integrated public safety departments in the United States. Without question, consolidation of police and fire services allows for the most efficient and effective delivery of public safety services to the community, as evidenced by statistics in our annual report. For the last several years, East Grand Rapids has had one of the lowest crime rates in the state and nation.

It takes a special individual to perform at the level required to be a public safety officer. The caliber of employees working in the East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety is among the highest you will find in the country. Their discipline, dedication, and desire generates pride for this association of such outstanding people.

Message to the City

The East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety promises to:

  • Safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, while protecting the individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United Sates and the State of Michigan's constitution
  • Enhance public safety while working with diverse communities to improve the quality of life
  • Serve with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain the public’s trust and confidence


Mark A. Herald

Director of Public Safety

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Manual of Policy & Procedures  Updated May 2023
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