Fire & EMS Services

About Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Public Safety Department provides 24/7 medical emergency service for the community. If you experience any type of medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 and officers will immediately respond. 
  • ISO Rating - The fire insurance classification for the City of East Grand Rapids is Class 4.
  • Fire Inspections - Commercial and residential fire inspections are conducted by the department's fire inspector. To schedule an inspection, call 616-949-7010. All building code enforcement and inspections are handled by Cascade Township. Contact Cascade Township at 616-949-3765.
  • Fire Prevention - View fire prevention checklist from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Rescue Air Boat

The Department added an air boat to the fleet of rescue equipment in 2003. The air boat is used to conduct search and rescue missions on water or ice. It is capable of operating in conditions other boats can’t operate in, such as very shallow water, frozen lakes, and even on dry ground. We provide mutual aid to other departments in the event of a water rescue.