Code Enforcement

Enforcing City Codes

The Public Works Department enforces a wide variety of regulations covering everything from fences to boat storage to yard waste rules. Some other laws and regulations, such as many nuisance violations, are enforced by the Public Safety Department. If you are not sure who to call when you see something that isn't right, use the site search, request tracker, or any contact information throughout the site.

All of the rules that we enforce are found in the City Code or in associated state or national codes which have been adopted by the city, such as the International Property Maintenance Code, the Michigan Vehicle Code, and Michigan Uniform Traffic Code. Certain things, such as private property disputes, may be outside our jurisdiction. 

Enforcement Action

Typically, we do not initiate enforcement action until we have received a complaint from the public, and whenever possible our approach is to inform, educate, and request compliance rather than to penalize.  When appropriate, however, civil infraction or misdemeanor violations are issued, which can result in mandatory court appearances and financial penalties along with court orders to comply with the ordinance involved.