Water & Sewer Permits

About the Permit

Typically, a sewer or water line permit is necessary when new homes are constructed or if a homeowner has the need to upgrade or replace their utility lines to the home.

A household water service line is the responsibility of the property owner from approximately the sidewalk (at what is referred to as the shut off) area to the home (referred to as the property owner side) and from the sidewalk to the city’s water main (city’s side) is owned and maintained by the city.  To insure water lines are replaced property, a permit is necessary to replace or upgrade the property owner’s side of the water service line. This provides the mechanism for inspection of the new line.

A household  sanitary or  storm sewer  (referred to as laterals) are the responsibility of the property owner from the home to the connection point to the city sanitary sewer main or storm sewer main.  In cases where storm sewers do not exist, storm sewer laterals are permitted to be connected through the street curb.  Like the property owner side of a water service line, a permit is required for construction or replacement of these sewer laterals to insure that they are constructed properly and that the restoration of the public right of way is appropriate.