Annual Review Program

The Assessor's office reviews a portion of the properties in the City every year. This process includes:

  • Updating the exterior photo of the property
  • Reviewing aerial photos
  • Reviewing the condition of the structure

​Why do we do this?

The Assessor's office has the responsibility to assess all property in the city at 50% of fair market value. This includes homes, commercial properties, vacant land and personal property. To meet the standards of the State Tax Commission, the Assessor's office reviews a portion of the properties every year. This allows the City to keep accurate records. 

The online reappraisal survey is located here: Residential Online Submission.

What is market value?

The market value is the probable price that a property would sell for in an arm's length transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller. In Michigan, market value is the "True Cash Value" (TCV). To find the fair market value of a property, the Assessor gathers the following information:

  • Land size
  • Building size and quality
  • Real estate sales
  • Construction costs
  • In some cases, rental incomes and operating expenses
The Assessor uses this information with mass appraisal techniques to estimate the property's value. This annual review ensures the Assessor is using the most accurate data for the estimate.