Safe Sport Information

Recreational activities offer individuals the chance to experience the joys of participation, competition, teamwork and personal development. Every member of our community has a role in creating conditions that protect the physical and emotional well-being of our youth.

What makes this challenge so complex is that the human element – the bonds that exist between instructors or coaches and participants – can sometimes cause confusion about what actions are acceptable and what cross the line. That’s why recognizing and addressing misconduct in recreational activities requires a team effort.

A critical step in addressing misconduct is being able to recognizing the specific actions that are qualified as misconduct. Here are answers to basic questions, as well as more detailed resources.  We hope this information will prepare you for your role as an instructor, coach, parent and/or participant. 

Online Reporting Form

Educational information:

SafeSport Handbook
Sexual Misconduct
Child Sexual Abuse
Physical Misconduct
Emotional Misconduct

Policies and Forms

Disciplinary Procedures
Criminal Background & Driver Check
Reporting and Responding to Abuse
Monitoring Strategy