Master Plan

MP Pres Image 2

Master Plan Concept Drawing

The Planning Commission and City Commission are pleased to present this comprehensive Master Plan document outlining our vision for the future of East Grand Rapids. 

This document is the result of many months of citizen input, formal and informal discussions, studies, research, painstaking attention to detail and an overall desire to develop a far-reaching map for the road ahead. 

All of the suggestions and recommendations contained in this plan are concepts and will need additional research by staff and consultants, input from involved citizens and lengthy discussions among elected and appointed officials. Some of the concepts and ideas will be implemented, some will be altered, and some may not be right for our community. In some cases, changes may need to be made to the city’s ordinances. In all situations, the residents of East Grand Rapids will have a voice in the discussions.

 Thank you to all who were involved in the development and perfecting of this document. The participation of so many truly make East Grand Rapids “A Better Place to Live.” 

View the 2018 Master Plan