Community Center Complex

About the Complex

The East Grand Rapids Community Center is a multi-function facility located on the shores of Reeds Lake in the center of the city. The Community Center houses the East Grand Rapids branch of the Kent District Library as well as the city's administrative offices, engineering operations, Parks and Recreation Department, and several multi-purpose rooms used for programs, meetings, events, and rentals.
In addition to the practical functions of day-to-day operations, the Community Center was carefully designed and constructed to continue the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and fiscal responsibility. The facility has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, featuring a green roof and solar panels along with many other features.

In addition to the LEED certification requirements, the Community Center has a vegetative roof (green roof) and rooftop mounted photovoltaic electrical generation systems. Both systems were funded by the Wege Foundation.

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LEED Certification

The East Grand Rapids Community Center is a LEED-certified facility. LEED certification was attained by meeting the goals of the rating system established by the United States Green Building Council.

The following LEED sustainability highlights:
  • Building design, orientation, fin walls, and sun shades to control solar heat gain and glare
  • Swirl chamber and phosphate filter to remove stormwater contaminates before they enter Reeds Lake
  • Interior and exterior lighting designed to eliminate light pollution
  • Stormwater used for irrigation, zero use of potable water for irrigation
  • Reduction in water use for toilets and sinks by 37%
  • Combined reduction in natural gas and electricity usage by 18%
  • High efficiency exterior glass
  • Carbon dioxide sensors to eliminate harmful indoor air contaminates
  • 3,222 tons of construction materials reused from former library and City Hall
  • 93% of construction waste recycled
  • 53% of materials manufactured within 500 miles to promote local economies and reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Exclusive use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives, carpets, and paints to minimizing harmful airborne contaminates 
  • Wood products are manufactured without urea-formaldehyde, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suspected carcinogen

Green Roof (Wege Plaza)

Wege Plaza covers the original city water reservoir, built in the 1960's.  To waterproof the original leaking roof, a new rigid roof insulation and a rubber roof membrane was installed. The pedestrian-accessible part of the plaza has a walking surface made of 3,500 rubber pavers, made from approximately 14,000 tires.

The vegetative portion of the plaza has a root barrier system, moisture retention mat, drainage mat, and 3.5 inches of growing medium over the base membrane roof. Approximately 8,250 sedum plants of four different varieties cover the balance of the plaza. The different species give a varied texture and color to the garden area, while being fairly maintenance-free and drought-resistant.


The photovoltaic solar panel system features two types of panels. The flat roof of the Community Center has 156 thin, film silicon modules mounted on an aluminum framed rack system. This array of panels has a total output of 9360 watts. The south-facing, sloped, metal roof has an individually framed panel system of multi-crystal silicon modules. The 48 separate panels are fastened to the standing seams of the metal roof. This array of panels has a total output of 7014 watts.

Both arrays of panels are fed back to the building systems through inverters which allow the power generated by the photovoltaic panels to be used to power portions of the Community Center.

More Information

City staff members are available to answer questions about the facility and its environmental features and benefits. Contact the City Manager's office at (616) 949-2110.