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Parks & Recreation

  1. 4th of July Food Truck - Service Agreement
  2. Adult Softball 2020 Umpire Form

    2020 Umpire Information Form

  3. Community Center Facility Rental Form

    Facility Rental Form for the use of Community Center indoor rooms and the outdoor Wege Plaza area.

  4. East Grand Rapids Youth Football Form

    This is a permission to play form. This is NOT an enrollment form. You will still need to enroll online or by phone and make a payment... More…

  5. EGR Equipment Rental Confirmation
  6. EGR Lifeguard October/November 2019 Availability Form
  7. Incident Report Form

    Please complete the form if there has been an altercation or incident between players, coaches, parents or officials during a game or... More…

  8. Little Sluggers - Practice Request Form

    Please complete if you are coaching for the Little Sluggers League.

  9. Park & Athletic Facility Rental Form

    Park & Athletic Facility Rental Form

  10. Photography, Filming or Video Taping Permit Form

    Photography, Filming or Video Taping Permit Form

  11. Private Fireworks Use and Display Permit Application

    The applicant MUST complete the online fireworks display permit application form electronically. The information provided may require... More…

  12. Special Event Permit Application

    Special Event Permit Application

  13. swimEGR Summer 2019 Availability Form
  14. Volunteer Basketball Coaching Form

    Girls PK-1st Grade Basketball

  1. 4th of July Parade Entrant

    This form is for those interested in being a parade entrant on the 4th of July.

  2. Aquatics Staff - Missed Punch Form

    A form for aquatics staff to use if they missed a punch in/out at the pool.

  3. Damage Report Form

    Please fill this form out if there has been damage to the facility, field, or equipment.

  4. EGR Aquatics Winter 2020 Availability Form
  5. EGR Equipment Rental Request
  6. EGR Lifeguard Summer 2019 Availability Form
  7. Injury Report Form

    Please complete the form if a player or coach has been injured during a game or practice.

  8. Misconduct Incident Reporting Form

    This form is to be used to report any form of misconduct relating to recreational programming and sports. Misconduct can include... More…

  9. Park Use - Commercial and Non-Commercial Group Activity

    Park Use Facility Rental Form

  10. Pool Rental

    Fill out this form to rent the East Grand Rapids High School Pool or the Wealthy Elementary School Pool.

  11. Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon Elite Athlete Application

    Elite Athlete Application 2020

  12. swimEGR Fall 2019 Availability Form
  13. Volunteer Application

    Fill out this form to sign up to volunteer for the East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department.

  14. Youth Football - Practice Request Form

    Please complete if you are coaching football.