Property Taxes

About Property Taxes

East Grand Rapids property tax collections are billed semi-annually on July 1 and December 1. Property tax amounts are based upon approved millages and the city collects and distributes taxes for the following entities:
  • City of East Grand Rapids
  • East Grand Rapids public schools
  • Kent Intermediate School District
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • State education tax
  • Interurban Transit Partnership
  • Kent County - operating (summer), senior, and jail millages (winter)
  • Kent District Library (winter bill only)
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum
  • John Ball Park Zoo

Summer Taxes

  • Billed July 1, due August 14 (prior to additional interest or penalties being added)
  • 1% interest added the 15th of each month through February 15. 
    • February 15, 3% penalty added (10% total penalty and interest added if not paid by February 15)
  • Last day to pay at the city is the last day in February
    • March 1 all real property taxes are turned over to Kent County for collection

Winter Taxes

  • Billed December 1, due February 14 (prior to additional  penalties being added)
  • February 15, 3% penalty added
  • Last day to pay at the city is the last day in February
    • March 1 all real property taxes turned over to Kent County for collection

Additional Information

  • Postmarks are not accepted as paid on time. If the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, payments the next business day are accepted as paid on time.    
  • Payments can be made in person, by mail, 24/7 in the city hall drop box, or online. Credit/Debit card processing is performed by Invoice Cloud with a 2.75% convenience fee added at the time of the transaction.
  • An electronic check/EFT-check option is also available as one of Invoice Cloud's payment methods by using the drop down arrow. For the EFT-check option, you would enter your bank account information to send your payment electronically. The fee for EFT-check is $1.95 regardless of the amount you are paying.   
  • Pay by Text- Enroll in Pay by Text to receive text notifications about bills and have the option to pay through text message with your default payment method.
  • Summer tax deferments are available to qualified homeowners.    
  • Personal property taxes charged to businesses remain the responsibility of the city treasurer to collect.
  • Special assessments exist on various parcels within the city.  Contact the city treasurer for payoff details.